• April 3rd, 2016

Network Optimisation problems

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You should select two peer-reviewed journal papers sourced from journals that have an impact factor verified by third-party indexing search engines and this should form part of your decision to choose both the article and journal. These two peer-reviewed journal papers should be;
1.the most highly cited work on your chosen topic, and
2.one paper published in 2015 or 2016 that cites the most highly cited work identified in 1.
You are required to critically evaluate the strength of the arguments from each of the journal articles and integrate evidence from these sources with any additional cited literature you think is necessary to support your evaluation. You should present your evaluation in the form of an argument and address the following questions explicitly:
•Search and selection: How did you search to find the papers and determine their esteem (i.e. search engine/s used, citation number, impact factor of the journal)?
•Analysis of argument: How did you evaluate the strength of the claims presented by the authors? What indicators of the quality of an argument such as soundness, validity, clarity, reasoning, consistency, and logic, were present?

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