• April 24th, 2016

National Security vs Civil Liberties

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Assignment: Comprehensive Research Paper

As the culminating assignment that requires you to integrate many topics covered in this course and write a succinct assessment to the level of the principle you chose below. In this assignment, you will select an issue and pick a senior official associated with that issue and prepare an issue paper for that official. This 3,000-word issue paper should discuss the pros and cons and implications of the issue and make recommendation(s) with rationale.

Comprehensive research report

Your report involves role-playing. Remember that you are thinking (and writing) as a well-informed manager and you should understand your official and his/her interests, constraints, and what he/she already knows about this issue so you do not waste your words on a simplistic explanatory paper. The paper should address how to manage the implementation of any recommendations.

Issue that I chose was:

National security versus civil liberties

Senior Official I chose was:

Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch

Scenario goes as follows:

National Security versus Civil Liberties
Researchers at Sonoma Valley Electronics, Inc., a private research and development firm, have developed a technology that allows for the geo-positioning of cell phones independently of the telecommunications network. The technology permits a remote antenna to pick up the very low power signals from the cell phone. The FBI wants to exploit this technology for tracking suspected terrorists and other persons of interest. One issue revolves around the collection platform for the signals. Elements within the FBI have proposed using one or more of the intelligence community’s signals intelligence satellites. Of interest also is that the technology allows the remote activation of the cell phone’s microphone. Your boss is scheduled to attend a meeting on this topic, the purpose of which is to discuss the issues associated with the FBI’s proposal and determine a course of action. Your boss asks you to prepare an appropriate issue paper.

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