• August 7th, 2017

Musical theater

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A major theatre company has decided to turn a well-known movie into a musical theatre production. As an accomplished musical composer, they have asked you to choose the movie and write a song for this new production. As a cohort, you can either write your own musical adaptation or a musical from scratch. Pick out the “musical moments” in the storyline and choose one that suites your ideas for a composition.

Your Task:
You are to write a song with instrumental accompaniment to fit within the context of the production (it must be relevant to the character/s and plot). It must also reflect the musical theatre style currently being studied. You may choose to write a piece for a chorus, a small ensemble, a duet or a solo vocalist.
You will need to write and set your own, appropriate lyrics. This response may be presented as a score or as recorded sound, or both.
You will need to consider the following in your composition:
• using musical concepts (pitch, volume, timbre-tone colour- instrument sounds, melody, structure, texture) and compositional devices (voice ranges, lyric setting, form)
• writing within the technical capabilities of the voices and/or instruments.

With your final composition you must also provide a written statement to describe the creation of your music and the ways in which you:
• Developed your own compositional style
• Fit your song within the production’s plot
• You must refer to the seven musical elements in your description.
• You should also include a synopsis that outlines what occurs dramatically in the musical at the point your vocal piece occurs. In the case of an overture, the synopsis must describe the setting, atmosphere and character (as mentioned above).

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