• March 18th, 2016

Muscle Essay Assignment

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Use your book, lecture materials and animations to write an essay explaining the following:

1. Resting Membrane Potential- Define it. How is it established and maintained. Describe what roles Na+, K+, the Na+/K+ pump, and K+ leakage channels have on it.

2. Events at the neuromuscular junction- Explain how the nervous system signals for muscle contraction. Use the terms action potential, voltage gated Ca channels, Ach, Ach receptors, ligand channels, end plate potential.

3. Generation of Action Potential- Define AP. How is it generated? What role does Na+, K+, the Na+/K+ pump, K+ leakage channels, Na+ and K + gated channels, and changes in membrane permeability play in allowing an action potential to travel along the sarcolemma. Use the terms depolarization, repolarization.

4. Describe how excitation is coupled to contraction. What happens to allow contraction? Use T tubules, SR, Calcium, troponin, tropomysin, actin myosin binding.

5.Explain Cross bridge cycling. Use ATP, ADP +Pi , myosin , troponin

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