• April 9th, 2016


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In introduction , would you please talk about the background of MRI in detect of heart chamber as the best radiology module and explain what does MRI the best examination for heart chamber and why does use to detect the heart chamber , all these to let be understand for reader and you can refer to the cardiac exam which use in MRI to detect of heart chamber abnormality ( pathology). In main body, this part is descriptive so, would you please support the part with literature review studies and you can compare between MRI and other radiology module which use to detect heart chamber abnormality such as PET and in this comparison would you please explain the posistive and negative things between them . Moreover, would you please explain the gap, limitations ,similarity and deference between MRI and the other radiology exam . In conclusion , would you please explain the highlights of the benefits of MRI to detect heart chamber abnormality and if there in change will happen in future to support the detect oh heart chamber and also the future of the development of MRI in heart detect studies . would you please support the essay with appendix which related to the topic and please would you support each point in this essay with reference because that will make the mark of the essay high and the number of words not exceed 3000 words exclude bibliography and appendix . I hope to be clear for you and if you need to ask about anything you have free to contact to me anytime and I am glad to work with you , all the best .

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