• April 6th, 2016

Movie Night: Family Man

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Discussion format changed to written assignment due to time constraints.

Movie Night:

When you watch the movie Family Man with Nicolas Cage, you see in one of the clips (Buying the Suit) the consumer (Jack Campbell) in the process of deciding on a purchase. Jack Campbell (played by Nicolas Cage) wakes up one morning to find himself no longer a Wall Street power broker, but a family man who has been married to his high school sweetheart for several years. In his former life, Campbell was a wealthy bachelor; in this surreal new life, he works at his father-in-law’s auto shop and is himself a father of two children. The clip from the movie shows Campbell in his new life contemplating purchasing a suit that would have been appropriate (and affordable) in his “former” life. An argument with his wife erupts over the possible purchase of an item that costs more than two-weeks’ salary.

In the light of consumer decision making process, identify and discuss the steps in the consumer buying process in the movie clip. Also, I want you to think about a situation when you have ever decided to purchase something you couldn’t afford at the time. How did you come to the decision to purchase? How did you feel about it afterward?

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