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Movie analysis about family violence

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1. A Time To Kill
2. The Color Purple
3. The Burning Bed
4. Sybil
5. Not Without My Daughter
6. The Prince of Tides
7. War of the Roses
8. The Rain Maker
9. Mommy Dearest
10. Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)—Directed by Joseph Ruben
11. American Beauty (1999)—Directed by Sam Mendes
12. Life as a House (Emotional Abuse)
13. A Cry For Help—the Tracy Thurman Story
14. Radio flyer
15. Fear (1996)–Directed by James Foley
16. Sling Blade
17. A Promise To Carolyn: A Look at Child Abuse (1996)–Directed by Jerry London
18. Mystic River
19. Enough (2002)—Directed by Michael Apted
20. Life as a House
21. Monster
22. Good Will Hunting
23. Once Were Warriors
24. Woman Thou Art Loosed
25. Muriel’s Wedding
26. Sleeping With the Devil
27. Shattered Dreams (1990)
28. Dangerous Intentions (1995)
29. Bastard Out of Carolina (1996)

Textbook: Family Violence: Legal, Medical, and Social Perspectivesby Harvey Wallaceand Cliff Roberson, 7thEdition

This paper should be 5-6 pages in length. Here are some guidelines to assist you:

1.List director, title of film and year published

2. Explain, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, the intent or purpose of the film and what is to be studied, explained or portrayed.This will be short.

3.Identify the key points of the film as they relate to the above stated purpose and to family violence in particular

4 Discuss conclusions drawn by the director(s), for example, how are they asking you to view the social world as they are presenting in the film, or as a consequence of doing such? How are they asking you to think of family violence, its consequences and efforts at social control?This shouldn’t take up much space either.

5.Relate the film as an illustration of support for, or an argument in contradiction to, theories of family violence, class readings and/or notes and discussions. Be specific. It is not necessary for you to agree or to disagree with the stand taken by the director. This should compromise the majority of your paper.6.You will need to provide page references from your text in your analysis.

7.Evaluate or critique its contribution, or lack thereof, to your understanding of the sociology of family violence.This shouldn’t take up much space in your paper

.8.I would choose a movie that will have much from which to draw.If the movie only has a minimal amount of family violence, or you feel you can’t really write much about what takes place, then choose another movie to analyze.

You will receive an automatic 0 (zero)for not referencing your text throughout your paper, and 25 points lost for not addressing the theories that apply.This stands for either paper you choose to do.Tentative Schedule

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