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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Qualitative Autoethnographic Study Proposal using the following framework:
Epistemology – Subjectivism
Theoretical Perspective – Postmodernism
Methodology – auto-ethnography
Methods – participant observation, interviews, narrative, and visual

Assignment description:
Though shorter than most formal proposals, it will contain the following:
I. Introduction (~250 words)
II. Statement of the Purpose (~100 words)
III. Research Questions (please note that these are not hypotheses)
IV. Brief Summary of Relevant Literature (500-°©‐750 words
V. Brief Summary of Epistemological Stance & Theoretical Perspective (~1000 words)
VI. Description of Data Collection Methods (~500 words)
VII. Description of Data Analysis Methods (~500 words)
VIII. Brief Timeline and Conclusion

Detail for sections above:
Introduction, Purpose Statement & Research Questions
In an effort to distinguish qualitative forms of inquiry from those that are not, you will compose a brief introduction, purpose statement and research questions that are appropriate for a qualitative inquiry project on a topic of your choosing. These statements should consist of at least 250, but no more than 350 words. These statements will serve as the foundation of your research proposal for the course.

Literature Review & Description of Methodology
This assignment asks you to compose a narrowly-­‐focused review of literature that could facilitate the pursuit of a particular qualitative inquiry project. Additionally, you will sketch a description of your particular methods, going into as much detail as would be necessary to propose such a project to an advisor. In aggregate, these statements should be at least 750 words, but no longer than 1,000.

Statement on Epistemology & Theoretical Perspective
This assignment asks that you articulate an understanding of the concepts of epistemology and theoretical perspective as they relate to research. Having done so, you will proceed by describing your personal epistemological stance as well as your theoretical perspective, to the extent that you have settled on a perspective. In doing so, I expect you to explicitly reference and react to the arguments of other scholars who have thought and written about these concepts. These statements should consist of at least 1,000, but no more than 1,500 words. In addition to facilitating reflection, these statements will contribute to your research proposal for the course.

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