• October 3rd, 2017

Moral and Political Philosophy

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For Module 7 Assignment, you will write an essay approximately three pages in length. You will pick two educational, business, public or political institutions to visit. (These two can be any combination of business/political/civic/educational-type institutions you wish). For each institution you will
1) Identify and briefly explain that agency’s purpose and function (eg; If it is a school, a court, an insurance agency, etc, then what is it intended to do—what is its purpose?).
2) Find and review the organization’s ‘mission statement’ (every institution has one, in some form) and identify what moral and/or community values it promotes and protects. (Does its mission statement, for instance, seem to promote respect for personal freedom, individual rights, democratic governance, equality and cooperation, etc.).
3) Finally, you should pick one of the philosophers and/or theories from the text or course and explain briefly how the values of this institution agree or disagree with this philosopher or theory. Cite the source from which you are referencing this philosopher or theory.

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