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Many writing companies have flooded the writing market claiming to offer the best service and many of the time they end up becoming a scam. We understand that you have encountered such companies and when you try getting your money back it never bears any fruit. On the other hand, these companies lack a clear money back guarantee policy which is riddled with many loopholes to defraud their client. Be conscious with these companies purporting to offer 100 % money back guarantee with the work done is not as per your specification. That’s is why we have developed a comprehensive money back guarantee policy which allows our client to request back their money without any hassle if the work done is not satisfactory, even after revisions.


Although we have received very limited number of such requests due to our reputation of producing quality papers and high customer satisfaction rate, those who have done so, have done it without any glitches. Our money back guarantee policy allows customers who are not satisfied with our services to request for their money at any time. At we value our customer and work very hard to ensure that any dealing with our customers run smoothly and everyone is happy.


Based money back guarantee, a refund will only occur if the customer claims meet the following situation: when the customer willingly cancels a paper he/she had placed on our website and a writer is already working on it. In such a case various situation will determine the amount of refund that would be accorded to the client. If by the time of cancellation the deadline of the paper had lapsed by more than half, the client will be given 50% of the his/her payment, where the other 50% would cater for any inconvenience caused to the writer and to maintain the reputation.


However, if by the time of cancellation, the deadline of the paper had lapsed by almost half, the customer would receive 70 % of the amount paid for the order. A 100% refund will occur if a cancellation is done before the order has been assigned to a writer. Secondly, if a client makes double payment on an order will refund 100% of the money paid in excess. In the event that you make double payment, our payment processing system will notify you by giving out two receipts which you will have to forward both of the receipt to the company email to prove authenticity. Once authenticity has been proven, your money will be refunded immediately.


For unsatisfactory paper, the company offers refunds, but the client has to request the refund in writing within the first three days of receiving the order. If no request is made within this time frame we will assume that you are satisfied with your order and no refund will be processed thereafter. holds the right to approve or decline refund request on an individual case consideration based on the user agreement.

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