• April 12th, 2016

Molecular genetics of early-onset Alzheimer disease revisited

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The paper should be about 5-7 pages, 1 spacing, plus a page for references. The topic should be based on a research paper. The topic might productively be the same as your class presentation. The paper should cover genetic of material. Non-genetic papers will be returned, unread. Please b and papers. Begin with a few sentences of summary. sufficient background descriptions of how studies are how the conclusions Identify the most important experiments. Cite at least three non-internet sources of materials. Use the citing format of the paper you present. One of these can be your text. Internet references should be from reasonably reliable sources (e.g. Wikipedia) and should be cited in the body of your paper. For this paper, you can reference PubMed abstracts, though you may need an extra reference, since abstracts have less information than full papers Papers that copy (plagiarize) the original source publication will be given a grade of0 (which counts as an F), If you do not convince me that you understood your paper, you will get a grade of C

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