• January 1st, 2018

Modules: Managing Process, Teamwork and Communication

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. You are in charge of leading your team during the launch of the new product/service. Which impacts (positive and negative), if any, do you expect the following factors to have on both your product/services and your company?
Ø Demographic factors (ie. Age, ethnicity, gender)
Ø Economic Factors (ie. Rising unemployment)
Ø Social Factors (ie. Changing role of families and working women)
Ø Political and legal factors (ie. Recent terror attacks)
Ø Competitive factors (ie. Similar products or services)
Ø Financial factors (ie. Ease of getting loans, interest rates)
2. Based on the information provided above, complete a SWOT analysis for your company. The analysis will give you some ideas about the Opportunities and Threats your company/product is likely to face. State how you are planning to take advantage of these opportunities. Also, is there any way you can turn some of the above threats into opportunities and if not, what are you going to do to avoid them?

3. Working with your team, create two SMART goals that the company will attempt to achieve over the next 12 months in pursuit of its mission.

4. You have just received word that your competitor is planning to launch the same product/service you are planning to launch. Write an email to the CEO outlining the problem and explaining your rationale for using a cross functional team to respond quickly.

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