• March 6th, 2016

Modelling Report: Simulation (simul8)

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

report format(contant page, introduction,1.1 1,2 1.3…… conclusion)
harvard reference format
i have already developed the model and put it to figures please see coursework guide

You are required to:
1. develop an appropriate model using Simul8 and simulate the above supply- production-distribution scenario; run the simulations and explain the relevant results;
1 basic model
λ paraphrase/rewrite/the courework problem(green part)apply withi this model. Around 150words
λ settings of basic model
describe each elements of the model 80words
figure 2 clock setting for the basic model
λ warm up period 2400minutes 50-100 words
How to get the value
figure 3 warm-up period
λ results collection period(run lengh) 124800minutes
1 year (from simulation introduction)
λ numbers of runs in trial(replecation) 50 runs in trial
explain(from simulation guide)
λ KPI choosen(key performance indicater) why choosen and result analyse
2. discuss the influence of adding additional machines to assemble the final product
2.1 Use 1 assembly machine—the machine worked saturated around 99%. That leads the raw material (storage) can not access to the assembly machine….
2.2 Use 2 assembly machines—two machines work equally and fully worked. Compare the results with use 1 machine.
2.3 Use 3 assembly machines- three machines not fully worked. Around 64%. Compare the results.
3. use the simulation models to suggest changes in the supply-production- distribution system for supporting the lean approach as indicated at
λ what is lean approach
λ how lean approach apply in simulation(in this model)
λ how pull system apply in this model
λ may apply in raw material storage, decrease the storage and waiting time…(advantage)
λ how simulation assist the implementation of lean approach
4. based on a literature review provide a brief analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the simulation methods

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