• April 15th, 2016

Mightier than the sword

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Mightier than the Sword Writing Assignment
After reading the book Mightier than the Sword, students will analyze important themes addressed in the monograph. To assess student comprehension of these themes, students will complete a 3-5 page paper which must address at least TWO(2) of the following prompt questions (but feel free to address as many as you like):
Abraham Lin·coln quipped about Harriet Beecher Stowe that she was “the little lady who made this great war.” Based on what you read in the book, did Uncle Tom’s Cabin create the conditions that started the Civil War? Why or why not?
The author spends a great deal of time detailing Stowe’s personal· history. What was her personal background and why did it matter in the context of the time? How was she influenced by religion and the reform movements of the 19th century?
Uncle Tom’s Cabin was described as a book that “move[d] the whole· world more than any other book has moved it.” In what ways did this novel impact supporters and critics at the time it was published? How did it impact famous historical figures in later generations?
Reynolds explains that much of the popularity of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was· due to the connection readers felt to the African-American characters in the book. How did she create these characters and learn about slavery? Did this popularity continue after the war? In what ways?
In addressing these questions, students must use at least FIVE (5) specific examples from the book. When using these examples students must also insert citations, either in footnotes or endnotes. The citations are to be formatted in accordance with Chicago Manual of Style (see handout). The paper must be turned in at the beginning of the assigned class period in accordance with the format guidelines listed in the syllabus.

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