• March 10th, 2016

Micro and Macro Economics

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Complete each of the following seven (# 7) essays: double-spaced, as a single MS-Word or rich text format document file, numbered consecutively; ~ 15 page range total, and without references listed. This is a critical thinking & analytical assignment which should be entirely in your own words & perspective. Only the video questions will require an external website, as you develop your own individualized & personal interpretation. Your favorite essays may be a bit longer than some of the others. So each essay approximately ~ 2 pages, with some a bit shorter & others a bit longer.

Analyze your chosen topics from the basis of our course content by beginning with an underlined thesis statement (purpose) in the first paragraph. Next, in each succeeding paragraph apply as many of the principles and theories from the textbook to your topic as possible. Focus on how the course material affects your topic. The final paragraph should reflect your conclusions.

You do not need to find current event articles, as you may simply write about current micro / macroeconomic topics or markets occurring during this quarter for each of the first two questions. The case studies in the Modules forum provide a broad range of appropriate topics to choose from for the third question.

The fourth & fifth questions involve viewing two video episodes taken from a website video & its transcript summaries. The sixth topic should carefully reflect impressions derived from the Heilbroner book. The final essay involves developing your own policy prescriptions. The assigned topics are as follows:

1. Analyze any microeconomic current event, firm, or market from during this quarter.

2. Analyze a foreign (outside of the U.S.) macroeconomic current event, firm, or market – also occurring during this quarter.

3. Analyze your favorite Case Study from the Modules Forum.

4. See Module #9 for both of the next two videos. This PBS You Tube source also provides a main website for transcript summaries (See Storyline) to accompany each video at: www.pbs.org/commandingheights. (Links to an external site.)

Watch Video I: “The Battle of Ideas.” Analyze the macroeconomic importance of these historical developments and which school of thought you find to be the most relevant today for the American economy. Why so much ongoing debate between these schools of thought?

5. Select Episode II to watch: “The Agony of Reform.” Analyze the how, why, & what type of microeconomic theories were applied in South America, India, Poland, and Russia to help stimulate their markets and promote business. Apply as much material from our course as it relates to & helps explain these historical experiences. What guiding message to come away with after studying this episode?

6. What do you consider to be the most essential theme or idea emerging from the Heilbroner text which has affected the state of current American capitalism (such as the Protestant Ethic, the development of a common dollar currency, NAFTA common market, the technological revolution, etc.)? Does it appear to be unique for the United States or a generalized trend which applies equally well to the rest of the world’s economies as well?

7. Describe specifically how your economic thinking has been affected by this course and how you can best make use of the central principles and theories which were studied. Apply this to the following challenge: As an American presidential candidate this year [2016], what 3 primary economic policies would you advocate; and briefly explain your reasoning for each…

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