• April 16th, 2016

Methods of analysis in Sports biomechanics

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

assignment is to write a lab report in the form of an extended abstract with a
maximum of 500 words (not including section headings, figure and table captions, and equations). The writing style should be similar to, although more concise than, that of a Journal of Biomechanics short communication.
Reports should:
Comprise four/·five sections: introduction; methods; results; and discussion /
Include one figure, and one table;·
be no longer than two sides of A4;·
in two columns;·
have· 2.54 cm margins;
be in Arial size 12 font;·
and be· 1.5 spaced.
The report will be based on Labs 2 & 3 wherein you will collect and analyse data on a sprint start. You should focus mainly on the methods and results sections,
detailing what you did and what you found, with only a very brief introduction and
discussion / conclusion. The split should be roughly:
Introduction and discussion / conclusions: 100-200 words total·
Methods and results: 300-400 words total·
The methods section should include as much detail as possible within the constraint of the word limit, including key equations.

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