• April 9th, 2016

Memo to President Obama

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GUIDELINES FOR Memo to President Obama re: the tactics of the war on terror You are an adviser to President Obama, and you must write a memo detailing your thoughts on the tactics that are being employed in the fight against terrorism. Choose two or three specific strategies (i.e. the use of drones, NSA Data-mining, Guantanamo, pre-emptive strikes, etc.) and discuss them. Explain why the strategies you have chosen to discuss are good or bad for national security. How are they harmful or helpful? How do they make our world more or less safe? In order to know what the Obama administration is currently doing to wage the War on Terror, you must read the articles in the national security folder. The text has useful information about national security, in general, but less on the specifics of Obama’s current strategies. Remember that what any President says is often different than what he does. Respond to what the Obama administration actually does– not what it says it does or wants to do. 1) Write your response in a memo format, at least two pages long, double-spaced, 10-12 font. 2) Quote words, phrases, concepts, or sentences from the text and/or articles and cite them! 3) When expressing what you think and feel about this topic, you must support your opinions by citing information from the text or another valid source. (i.e. “I totally disagree or agree with the x y or z tactics that are being used because research shows x y or z…”) 4) Even though this is in memo format, formal citations in the memo itself and a Works Cited list at the end of the memo are required. Without citations and a Works Cited list, you will earn a failing grade. (1 source to cite MUST be Social Problems 13th Ed. Social Problems, 13th ed. by Eitzen and Zinn)!

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