• April 3rd, 2016

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Read Moodie, R. et al. (2013). Profits and pandemics: Prevention of harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol, and ultra-processed food and drink industries. The Lancet, 381, p. 670-679 [found in your module(I’ll give you the module)].
Transnational corporations are major drivers of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) through heavy promotion of tobacco, alcohol, ultra processed foods and soft drinks.

1)Choose an ‘unhealthy commodity’ and identify a transnational corporation promoting this product in your area. Briefly note who is targeted for this product and how it is promoted. What is the growth rate for this product in your area or region? This can be overall, industry-wide growth, or just for the corporation you have chosen. (Use tables and figures in Moodie et al. if you cannot find any data specific to your area).

2)Which approach do you believe will be most effective in dealing with this transnational organisation in order to better control NCDs? Explain why you have chosen this approach over other potential strategies.

N.B.: The following article by Stuckler, et al (2012) includes a table of top 10 manufacturers of packaged foods for several countries that may be of use if you choose that commodity.

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