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Medical coding

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SYNOPSIS Medical Coding Essay

Let your creativity flow . . . Your assignment is to write an essay that relates to the use of medical coding in your life. The essay should give clue to your reason for taking medical coding and how this course will fit in with your future. Identify your motivation. Clarify your goal. Tell me what it is that you plan to achieve. Ensure that you discuss the following topics:

1. How do we demonstrate basic knowledge of the national diagnostic and procedural coding systems by using case scenarios?

2. How do we use abstract information from health records for appropriate code validation; code procedures and diagnoses; and apply decision-making skills to ensure proper sequencing.

3. How do we assign ICD, CPT, and HCPCS codes on insurance claims for diagnoses and procedures/services provided to patients in a variety of health care environments?

4. How do we demonstrate knowledge of coding for medical necessity by completion CMS-1500 claims?

Write a minimum of 3 pages (Title Page, Table of Content, >3 pages of content, Reference Page).

The actual content of the paper should be at least 8 or more pages, (not to include graphs, pictures, or financial plans/statements), double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 Font. You must include a Title page and Reference page (more than 2 works cited from another source other than the textbook). Paper must have proper spelling, grammar, and formatting

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