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MDA10006 Innovation Cultures: Perspectives on Science and Technology

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MDA10006 Innovation Cultures: Perspectives on Science and Technology
Harvard Referencing and 12 References
Essay Word limit: 1200 (+/- 10%) and Weighing: of 60%
Assessment overview
This assessment requires you to think critically about one of the topics we have covered during the teaching period and develop a scholarly discussion in the form of an academic essay.
Assessment details
Write a 1200-essay on one of the following topic including references from weekly reading materials:

The Schmeiser v Monsanto case illustrated the potential for GM technology to significantly affect the rights of farmers. Are farmers entitled to better protection by law from corporations like Monsanto, or are corporations entitled to protect their investments and interests using whatever legal means available? Discuss the social, ethical and legal implications.
Issues you should consider:
• The ethics of genetic research.
• The relationship between genetic research and business.
• The social benefits of genetic engineering.
You should cite the unit’s prescribed readings as well as including other references
Assessment criteria
1. Demonstrated ability to present a summary of the article in a succinct cohesive way.
2. Evidence of ability to show that the theories raised in the article enhance the concepts covered in the learning materials.
3. Evidence of ability to select and connect the chosen article with keys concept(s) from the Learning Materials
4. Introduction
5. Analysis
6. Conclusion
7. Academic Scholarship

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