• April 22nd, 2016

Math ?

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Please answer each question separately using a paragraph or two.


  1. Discuss the concepts of independent and dependent events. Provide examples of independent and dependent events from the business environment. Include additional examples for your classmates to classify. Review and respond to the examples posted by your classmates, categorizing the events accordingly.


2.In the business world, the mean salary is often used to describe the salaries of employees of a company. However, the median salary may be a better measure of the salaries than the mean. Which is the better measure of central tendency? Why? Review and respond to the comments posted by your classmates offering your insight on this topic.


3.The number of vacation days taken by employees of a company is normally distributed with a mean of 14 days and a standard deviation of 3 days. For the next employee, what is the probability that the number of days of vacation taken is less than 10 days? More than 21 days? Post your solutions to the problems and respond to the solutions posted by your classmates.


4.In this week’s readings, simple random sampling, systematic, stratified, and cluster sampling are discussed. Define each of the sampling methods. Then, post two examples of sampling situations BUT DO NOT IDENTIFY THE TYPE OF SAMPLING. Identify and discuss the types of sampling represented in your peers’ examples.


5.Regression is a commonly used technique in business. What is the purpose of regression? Provide two examples of situations in business where regression may be useful. Review your peers’ posts and identify the independent and dependent variables in their examples.

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