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To compare the measured compressive strengths of semi-engineering bricks with the manufacturer’s specified values. The bricks are to be crushed in accordance with BS EN771-1:2003.


In addition, 3-point bend tests will be carried out on floor tiles.


Furthermore, students will also carry out a statistical analysis of the compressive strength of brick columns made with model bricks.



Full Size Bricks                                                                     Model Brick Columns


  • Measure the dimensions of the bricks 1              Prepare a brick column
  • Weigh the bricks comprising of 4 courses
  • Apply compressive force until the bricks fail 2              Allow the column to cure
  • Calculate the brick density 3              Measure the area (c.s.a.)
  • Calculate the compressive strength of the bricks 4              Crush using the Hounsfield                                                                                                                  & record the max load


Tiles will be tested under a slow  loading rate point load and a uniformly distributed loading plate using the Tinius Olsen tensometer.


Health & Safety


Sensible clothing should be worn. Follow normal laboratory procedures.

Discussion & Further Reading


  1. Calculate the densities and compressive strengths (where applicable) of the bricks. Research into typical compressive strength values.
  2. Investigate into the different types of brick and their applications.
  3. For the tiles use appropriate beam calculations to determine maximum stresses in them. Compare the failure modes between the point load and the UDL.
  4. For the columns use an appropriate package to calculate the mean compressive strength of the columns and the sample standard deviation. Display the data so that it can be utilised for further analysis. Which distribution parameters are often associated with brittle failure? Discuss the properties of ceramics.

Comment on the nature of ceramics and why there could be some unexpected values. Display results in an appropriate way.


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