• April 5th, 2016

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

-In the paper, uncover and analyze ethos, pathos and logos
-The overall goal of the assignment is to answer the question, “What rhetorical appeals does this speech use, and are they effective?”
-It must explain the speech’s purpose and summarize the information it includes (with attention to context)
-It must identify the 3 rhetorical appeals –ethos, pathos, and logos– in your chosen space
-It must evaluate whether or not you feel the speech’s rhetorical appeals are effective
-It must offer support and evidence for your evaluation
-Grading/Criteria Outlines:
-Consistent Focus- the rhetorical appeals used by the speech
-Content- include specific examples of each type of rhetoric to support your analysis
-Organization- logical progression from one type of rhetoric to another, with transitions and paragraphs that smoothly move your analysis along.
-Style- appropriately formal with variety of syntax and diction
-Mechanics- English language conventions should be adhered to from correct mechanics and usage to correct format (MLA)
-Evidence of Writing Process- All Blackboard Posts, revisions, prewriting submissions, etc. clearly indicate student engagement on a regular and productive level.
-Works Cited page for the online page used

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