• August 13th, 2017

Marketing to People of the Colombian Culture

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Marketing to People of the Colombian Culture
Select any 10-15 unique characteristic of the Colombian culture. Analyze each characteristic as explained below:
? Number each item serially, and label each characteristic so as to describe it accurately.
? Explain how that characteristic creates a unique thinking and behavior of the people as consumers.
? Draw specific conclusions that are relevant to international marketers and visitors. You may use examples of specific products or services to explain what a foreign marketer must do differently to be effective in selling them. You may also explain and what a foreign visitor may enjoy as well as must watch out for.

Write the items of your assignment exactly in the following format:
1. Gender Roles – Role of Women in Society
(Describe in a paragraph what role the women play in family and society and how it affects them as people and consumers.)
Explain what foreign marketers must do to market to them effectively. You may use specific product examples.

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