• March 9th, 2016

Marketing Report on Hotel Chocolate

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Task One (macro environment)


Produce an analysis of the macro environment for the company. Identify at least 3 major external factors that could help or hinder the progress of this business. You should refer to at least 2 credible research sources to justify your choice. Explain what impact these factors are likely to have on the company’s marketing programme. Include an infographic that describes the market, using relevant data you have researched.


Task Two (the target customer)


Identify one customer profile. Paint a picture of what a typical customer looks like for this company by using behavioural, demographic, geographic and lifestyle segmentation. Describe the behaviour this customer might go through when purchasing a product or service from this company based on the 5 stages of consumer buyer behaviour. Use relevant research or theory to support your argument.


Task Three (product and price)


Produce two perceptual maps that show the positioning of your company and at least four other competitors. One map must have the axes ‘price’ and ‘quality’, the other can have axes of your choice but not ‘price’ and ‘quality’. Justify, with reference to at least 2 credible research sources, why you have positioned the company and its competitors in the way you have.


Task Four (growth strategies and market research)


Using Ansoff’s Matrix choose one of the strategies for growing the business. Explain briefly, using relevant research into the company, why you have chosen this strategy. Write a market research plan which will help the company to refine this strategy using the template provided.


Task Five (communication)


Write a press release to announce your new marketing strategy in Marketing Week. The press release should describe the marketing programme including how you will implement the 4Ps. Remember who the audience is for this communication.


Report wordcount


Your report should not be more than 2500 words.

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