• April 7th, 2016

Marketing Report

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By using Nestle S A in China's operates in and provide relevant background information and analysis on both the company(Nestle) and country(China), and design a new product for the company to launch in that country.

You will need to provide a market description of the relevant market conditions that your company operates in. This might include variables such as the prevailing economic conditions, demand and supply factors, and a description of the industry etc. for that country. You will need to provide a referenced SWOT analysis for the company in that market, identifying the internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats of the company for the chosen market. The goal of a SWOT analysis is to identify the critical factors that may affect your proposed business concept (or new product) and then build on your strengths to reduce your weaknesses, exploit opportunities and avoid potential threats. Students are also expected identify and describe using marketing segmenting variables, one target market being served by your company.

Words: 1800 words. Format: Report. Font: TNR size 12.

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