• April 18th, 2016

Marketing Plan Project

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The Assignment is about MERCEDEZ-BENZ adding an incorporated baby car seat on the back of its new cars. The Car seat will give options to consumers to either open it when they have a baby on board or fold it to make it a normal passenger seat when there is no baby.

Your work must include a Cover Page, Table of Contents, Sources Cited, and page numbers. Use Times New Roman font, APA format, and double-space using 12 point font.

For this assignment, ONLY use the outline below for the report.

1. Business Mission Statement
This is the mission statement of your brand/company. You can typically find the mission statement on your brand’s website. The mission statement is the first “check” on your new product idea – it helps us assess whether the new product is “in line” or “fits” with our mission.
2. SWOT Analysis
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
Remember that Strengths and Weaknesses are Internal to the organization; Opportunities and Threats are External to the organization.
This is where you include research about your brand, your consumer, and your competitors. It is often described as a “snap-shot,”–a moment in history that defines what is going on in the marketing environment your brand faces.
3. A Description of your New Product Idea
You only need a brief description here, maybe a sentence or two. A more thorough definition of the product is called for in the Marketing Mix section.
4. Target Market Strategy
Define WHO the target consumer is for your new product idea. Define your overall strategy (i.e.: undifferentiated, concentrated, multi-segment) PLUS a full demographic/psychographic/psychological description of your consumer (see: Bases for Segmenting Consumer Markets on page 119).
ALSO – you should provide support as to why this is a good “segment” for your new product – this means research!! If you are targeting teens, you might RESEARCH to find out how many teens are out there, and how much money they have to spend.
5. Marketing Mix Strategy
Outline each of the 4P’s for your new product
Product—describe your product in detail, along with the benefits that your target market will receive. Be sure to include your Unique Selling Proposition.
Price—describe the general price range for your product, along with rationale for choosing this pricing strategy.
Place—discuss the distribution strategy for this product. Where will your customer be able to purchase this product?
Promotion—describe the marketing and advertising activities that will effectively communicate your product’s message to your customer.
6. Conclusions/General Thoughts
In this section, discuss why you believe this Plan will be effective. Be specific and offer support for your position.

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