• April 2nd, 2016

Marketing Consumer Demographics Question 1 and 2

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Answer all questions for Question 1 and 2
ONLY DO Question 1 and 2
Question 1 – Demographic Measures

Presented below are the number of males and females by age groups in the states and territories of South Australia (SA) and the Northern Territory (NT) on 30 June 2013. The number of births by woman’s age group in 2013 and the number of deaths by age group in 2013 are also presented in the table below. Using the information provided, calculate the following demographic indicators for South Australia (SA) and the Northern Territory (NT) for 2013. Please keep 2 decimal places for all rates and use correct units of measurement:

  1. i) Crude Birth Rate (CBR) [2 marks]
  2. ii) Crude Death Rate (CDR) [2 marks]

iii) Total Fertility Rate (TFR) [4 marks]

  1. iv) Percentage population distribution by age and sex [2 marks]
  2. v) Present the populations of South Australia and the Northern Territory in two separate population pyramids. [6 marks]
  3. vi) Describe the main differences in age structure at 2013 between South Australia and the Northern Territory, and briefly discuss the relationship between population age structure and consumer behaviour. [6 marks]

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