• May 3rd, 2015


Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements



-The general assignment is a group project in Real Estate Development, we are working on a potential development project. I will only require specific parts of the project which I will list in detail below.
-The Real Estate Project is located in Chicago,IL in the neighborhood of Kenwood. All the research should be based on that neighborhood/city.(uploading the financial model so you have specific information).
-Financial(tables graphs etc) and written information is needed, please use any sources deemed necessary.(REIS.com has a lot of good information).
-Please let me know if anything is not clear, this has to be done right.
-If more pages are needed then please go ahead and I will pay the extra price. Quality and precision are what are most important to me.


3. Target Market– What type of tenants will be living, working, renting this space?
a. Detailed Narrative describing the who, what, and why

6. Inventory/Supply Analysis:
a. Total inventory
b. Quality of inventory
c. Vacancy (total and class cut)
d. Rents (avg, class cut)
e. Unit mix (how many studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, etc..)
f. Comparable Properties Analysis
i. Detailed tables highlighting unit mix, sizes, amenities, location map, summary tables, photos
g. Parking/Amenities
h. Forward Pipeline – what is being built, proposed or land available that may be developed, who is developing

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