• April 20th, 2016

Maple Retreat Golf and Country Club Case Analysis

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Case Analysis Questions for “Maple Retreat Golf and Country Club” Case

Please read the “Maple Retreat Golf and Country Club” case, and provide responses to the following questions, drawing upon knowledge acquired from the course.

1. As Philip Worsley, the superintendent at Maple Retreat Golf and Country Club, you plan to
conduct a structured interview as part of the assessment process in hiring a greenskeeper. Generate five (5) questions you would include in the interview, knowing that responses to these questions will influence the selection decision.

2. Since each applicant submitted a resume, identify what components of the resume you would
weigh most heavily in making the hiring decision, and justify your weighting scheme. Then,
identify the applicant you would hire for the job, providing a brief rationale to support your

3. Think about what content you would include in the job offer, then prepare a job offer letter, being
aware that this could become a binding contract.

4. One of the challenges facing Maple Retreat is retaining seasonal staff. Provide three (3)
incentives or inducements you would offer a greenskeeper, and discuss why you believe
these would be useful in promoting retention and reducing turnover.

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