• April 25th, 2016

Managing Groups and Teams

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The following case is an illustration of a group of people who have ceased to work together effectively. You will be using the Johari Window model (from the Background page) to help diagnose and suggest solutions to the problems this organization is facing.

Locate the following source in the Trident library by searching its title. You can also find it in the ProQuest database by clicking on Additional Library Sources:
Mento, A. J., Buckheit, P., & Mento, B. A. (2012). Case study: Strident property services. Journal of Business Case Studies, 8(6), 565.

Remember to follow Trident’s guidelines for master’s-level writing, The Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper.
Case Assignment

Prepare a 4- to 5-page paper. Support your discussion with references to the background readings, PowerPoint presentations, and additional research as needed. In your paper address the following:

Define the problem: What exactly is the problem being faced by Strident? How does group dynamics (communications, trust, and conflict) contribute to the situation? How does the Johari Window model contribute to our understanding of the problem?

Analyze the cause: What forces are working to create this problem?

Propose a solution: What does the company need to do to turn this situation around? Use the Johari Window model to suggest solutions to the problems this organization is facing. Be specific in your suggestions of recommended actions.

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