• April 21st, 2016

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Assignment Tasks


Carry out the following tasks in a max. 5000-word typewritten individual report. The aim of this report is to advise Ocado’s management about entering new international markets, by proposing a 5-year internationalisation strategy (for 2017-2022).


Question 1: [max. 2000 words]


Carry out a strategic analysis of potential international markets for Ocado that should include: a)               Analysis and evaluation of relevant external and internal factors.

  1. b) Selection of appropriate country markets for Ocado.


Support your statements with concrete evidence and references, building on the findings of your individual research as well as the action-learning set (ALS) findings that were discussed in the ALS sessions.


Question 2: [max. 3000 words]


On the basis of the strategic analysis and market selection carried out in Question 1, formulate market entry strategies for your chosen markets for Ocado, consisting of recommendations for:  a)    Entry-mode strategies and exit strategies for selected country markets.

  1. Functional strategies, including product, marketing, and operations decisions.
  2. An organisational structure for the implementation of the above strategies.
  3. A strategic control system for managing the implementation of the above strategies.


Justify your recommendations with fully referenced research evidence derived from the analysis and evaluation of information from your individual and action-learning set research, as well as with logical arguments using appropriate theories.


The assignment is an individual report that builds on the research and analysis discussed in the

Assignment Learning Activity (ALA) sessions. You are required to write this report individually; however, you are allowed to build on the material and ideas that emerged from the collaborative work of your actionlearning set.

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