• May 3rd, 2015

Management of Investment

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my individual  assignment is about finance, based on some finance data on excel, need to go to website to find the data and then doing spreadsheet. after doing that, i need to write an report,the report must not exceed 4 A4 pages by using the excel spreadsheet. i am not sure how many pages that the writer can write , because it including some excel outputs or tables…if the work need 4 pages, you can do in 4 pages…. now i have done the spreadsheet, so i wanna the writer helps me to do the report part. because i am not sure that my excel part done exactly correct, so does the writer can help me to examine and check for me? i saw my classmates’ excel including the tittle of BAB and residual outputs…… Fonts must not be smaller than 11pt and the margins should be conventional(2.54cm)
the level t is for Premium level.

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