• April 3rd, 2016

Management Accounting Performance Evaluation

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Coursework based on a case study- “Integrated technology’ services (UK) led ITS(UK) from the book management and Cost Accounting 7th Edition &8th Edition by Colin Drury (2008, 2012).

As a consultant, the group managing director of ITS (UK) has invited you in for a meeting to discuss issues he has with the measurement of the performance of the company. He is concerned about using the low 6% net margin.
Write a memo to the gmd explaining how financial and non financial performance measures can be used to improve the business performance.
Report should include:
An expiation on how the balanced scorecard could be used as a tool to measure the performance of ITS(UK), taking care to critically evaluate the principles of the balanced scorecard -approx 1000 words

2. Create a balanced scorecard for ITS (UK). Include at least two measures in each of the areas of the scorecard and suggest how the information would be obtained- 5000 words.
3. Critically evaluate the addition of another accountant to the team at ITS (UK). Make a recommendation to the board whether they should recruit for this role or not. 500 words.
4. A discussion on how target costing could be utilised at ITS U.K. And a review of how the 20% gross margin is not enough to receive the 6% net margin required- 500 words.
A review of the use of the share scheme and a discussion on whether this scheme motivates the employees to word towards achieving the company goals – 500 words

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