• January 19th, 2017

Management 3

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Journal Assignments: Journals are a self-reflective tool that allows students to post their personal reflections about course-related materials.

Journal #1 – Business Ethics (Chapter 2)
Business ethics has been at the heart of many discussions over the years and continue to trouble employees and shareholders. Stories about dishonesty and wrongful behavior in the workplace appear on a regular basis in newspapers and on the national news.
1) Why do you think it can be so difficult for people to do what is right?
2) What is your personal code of ethics? Prepare a code outlining what you believe is morally right. The document should include guidelines for your personal behavior.
3) How will your code of ethics affect your decisions about selecting a company in which to work?
In this and other journals and papers: Incorporate additional research in your responses, demonstrating that you did some investigating that relates to the journal topic, and/or supports your answers. Even though this is a personal journal, it should also include some additional research as well as reflection. Dr. Jean

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