• April 20th, 2016

Manage Users Script

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Create a Script named Manage-Users.ps1 that performs the following functions
1. Allow user to input a filename to process.
a. Create a required string parameter named filepath that accepts the name of the xml file to process. Provide an appropriate help message when parameter is not submitted.
2. Read the xml file and perform the following tasks.
3. Create the users. The users are listed in the <userManagement> node of the xml file. The <userManagement> node will have an arbitrary number of <user> nodes that contain user information.
a. Create the user account in the organizational unit defined by the <ou> data. Create the OU (off the domain root) if it does not exist.
b. Set the users name to the value in <account>
c. Set the other information as listed
d. Make sure each account is not disabled
e. Require the user to change their password next time they log in
f. Add the user to the domain security groups listed in the <memberOf> node. If the group does not exists create it.
4. Process the items in the <localgroupManagement> node.
a. Find all non-domain controller computers in the domain
b. Add the domain global group specified in the <members><group> node(s) to each discovered computer’s local group specified by the <name> node. If the local group does not exist create it.
5. Provide output as appropriate as the script executes.

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