• March 15th, 2016

Malaysian English

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Historical Development of an English-based Creole (Malaysian English) A paper of this type involves tracing the historical development of a creole language derived from English. It should include background information on the creole language (such as its location, number of speakers, status in the community in which it is spoken), a sketch of its known history, and a comparison of the creole language with English with respect to its grammar, phonology, and/or vocabulary. References: Bourne & Reid (eds). 2003. Language education. [The article by David & Govindasamy] Lim & Gisborne (eds). 2009. The typology of Asian Englishes. Special issue of English World-Wide 30.2. Lowenberb. 1992. The marking of ethnicity in Malaysian English literature. World Englishes 11: 251-258. Mesthrie (ed). 2004. Varieties of English, vol. 4, Africa, South and Southeast Asia. [The article by Baskaran on Malaysian English phonology] Schneider. 2007. Postcolonial English: varieties of English around the world. Cambridge University Press. Tsui & Tollefson (eds). 2007. Language policy, culture and identity in Asian contexts. [The article by David & Govindasamy]

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