• March 25th, 2016


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I’m doing a creative writing task for Macbeth, we had many options to choose from but I decided to choose to write a diary of how lady Macbeth took her own life and it has to be from her point of view. we also had to do a written explanation I have already done that ill put it here if it helps WRITTEN EXPLANATION: I decided to write a note left by lady Macbeth in her point of view as i wish to tell why & how she decided to take her own life. I wanted to show the torment that lady Macbeth would have felt when she had realised what she had been apart of and what Macbeth had become once he was crowned king. The language i used was first person and written in present tense as i figured it would be more interesting to hear the note from her point of view instead of being retold. My intended audience are the ones that were more interested in how lady Macbeth played a massive role in the play and wanted to know how she felt before and after the events that occurred in the play. I also feel this was an interesting gap of the story because it wasn’t turally told how & why she had committed suicide. The purpose of my piece to is entertain the audience, people like knowing the background of stories that aren’t really told in the plays for its graphic images. I wanted to present lady Macbeth as having a soft side, even though it was her idea and it was her who convinced Macbeth to kill king Duncan she didn’t imagine anyone else getting hurt and didn’t mean for all this conflict to happen.

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