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Logos ii ethical case study

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from the scenario below develop an ethical case study,the scenario should focus on the ethical concerns about what is right or good,create an ethical dilemma or constitutes an ethically problematic situation for those involved, the scenario addresses a variety of ethical concerns ,social,politcal or personal concerns


your friend works for a coach company transporting people from city to city. he accepts a job transporting 120 children from Sydney to Melbourne on a school excursion overnight. He has been complaining of long hours and under staffing at the company. He tells you that he is thinking of taking drugs to enhance his thinking and driving performance, his rationale is that he needs to stay awake if the children are to be safe. He also has a history of drinking heavily.


What would your advice be to him and why ?




you should structure the case study in the following way

  1. choose one of these ethical theories and explain it clearly as you can ( highlight its key aspects0
  2. either virtue ethics
  3. or natural law ethical theory
  4. or deontological ethics


  1. apply the chosen ethical theory to the scenario and explain hoe the theory provides a basis for rational decision. you should apply parts of the theory specifically to the scenario. for example specific virtues in virtue ethics or specific maxims and imperatives in deontology or specific goods in natural law, and explain how these help you to solve some of the ethical challenges that arise.


  1. what are 1 or 2 major strengths and weaknesses of the theory , you should discuss at least one strength and one weakness and you should draw on research and authoritative academic sources,not mere opinions


  1. explain briefly whether or not the chosen ethical theory will help you resolve the ethical dilemmas in the future in your own life or in the professional sphere and why.

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