• April 14th, 2016

Literature review on Parkinson disease

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

5000 words

Example of introduction
Background info
Define & describe Parkinson’s Disease
Talk about how PD
How PD causes gait problems.
Describe gait problems
Define dual tasking
Describe dual tasking with gait training
How this affects ADL’s and independence

Example of methods
This is what you did not the authors of the articles you will read.
Talk about the search engines you used
The key words and phrases
What you found and how you grouped it.
Talk about looking for specific populations (Parkinson’s disease, Adults, gait abnormalities, etc.) Grouped into 1) how PD is difficult for PD people, 2) different articles that used prioritized focus 3) used rhythmic external cues 4) music 5) etc.

Example of results
Describe the studies and report the data in quantitative means (numbers, %ages and etc.)
Group articles that are talking about the same things
If some results differ state so.

Example of discussion..
Discuss the results, which results were similar and which were different. Why these differences may exist. Then add your feelings about what is missing in the research and what requires more research.
Limitations in the research.
A conclusion if you can come up with one. What are the future trends in research or what continues to be studied.

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