• March 28th, 2016


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Clientcomplication:PostIPLcomplication assessment, client education in regards to adverse reactions and the ability to develop a safe treatment plan and educate clients on the contraindications and causes of post treatment hypopigmentation.
Topicbrief:AFitzpatrickIVclientcomestoyour clinicforaHairReductionconsultation.When youcommenceyourconsultationsheexplains
shehasbeentoanotherclinicfortreatmentand ended upwithposttreatmentburns,micro crustingandlossofpigment(hypopigmentation)attreatmentsite.Throughfurtherdiscussion,
IPLfilterandshehas had recent UV exposure, whichsheadmitsshedidnotdisclosetotheotherclinicastheydidnotquestionherPleaseprovideyour professional client education and treatment recommendation from the information provided.
Discussion points:
1.Explanation of light and how it is utilized for Light Base Hair Reduction treatments
2.Show an understanding of the fitzpatrick scale and it’s relation to choosing suitable wavelengths for safe treatment application.
3.Discuss the cause of treatment complications,detailing the corelation between IPL filter chosen,Fitzpatrick scale ranking and UV exposure.
4.Outline your reccomended treatment plan including understanding of wavelenght chosen,expectations of client pre/post treatment to reduce risk and timeframe for commencing further treatment in area.
Assignment requires minimum 15 references.

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