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Lifespan Development | UK US Essays
  • March 22nd, 2016

Lifespan Development

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Research Assignment 100 points, 6-7 pages Select a specific question about a topic of your choice. Your question must include two (2) variables and illustrate the relationship/correlational impact (see the listed suggestions). Using APA format, show how your two variables are related and use specific examples to illustrate their connections. Next, show how any of the theories discussed in class are connected to your age-range variable or your other concept. The best way to integrate all of your course learning is to use one of the same topics that you selected to lead/discuss. Your research paper should include no less than four (4) reference citations. Possible topics to turn into questions – • Prenatal issues and consequences • Parenting styles and child care • Adolescence and technology • Young adult activities and cognitive development • Adult career choices and marital relationships • Seniors and health issues Other questions are acceptable. The list is provided to give you some ideas. Grading Criteria for Research Paper Points Cover page/proper margins/double spaced/6-7 pages _____ (5) Grammar/punctuation/sentence structure _____ (5) Citations APA-format (in-text and references) _____ (20) Research question asked _____ (5) Concept 1 explored _____ (20) Concept 2 explored _____ (20) Connections using theory _____ (20) Conclusions _____ (5) TOTAL 100 points

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