• April 2nd, 2016

Life of pie the concept

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THE CONCEPT OF “STORY” IN LIFE OF PI: Yann Martel has said, “The theme of this novel can be summarized in three lines. Life is a story. You can choose your story. And a story with an imaginative overlay is the better story.” Which of Pi’s stories do you believe – the story with or without the animals? Does Pi make up the elaborate story with the animals as a way of escaping the horrible reality that he faced at sea, or does he contrive a supposedly more “believable” story because he is annoyed that the insistent Japanese Transport Minister and his colleague won’t believe his first story? Why does Pi choose to tell two stories about his journey at all? Analyze the novel’s major narrative peaks in each of its section and discuss whether one story is better than the other and why. Alternatively, you can explain why, from the literary point of view, each one works. From the perspective of narrative construction, characterization and prose style which is the better story? How does the author address the concept of storytelling and choosing one’s own story through both stories?

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