• April 12th, 2016

Legislative Proposal Topic Topic: My legislative proposal is to adjust the current Concealed Handgun Permit (CCW) requirements in the state of Virginia.

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

10pages (not counting a title page; works cited page; appendix information, etc)
Double-Spaced; Standard one-inch margins; 12 point font (Calibri or Times New Roman font), Include page numbers.
Please use section headings to break up the information in your paper.
**12 Sources:
9 sources must be academic sources.
– Academic Journal Articles
-Government data and documents.
5 of the sources can be “Internet only” sources.
Internet only sources are still academic sources, but are those that can only be found on the Internet. State laws and citations, academic journal articles found in online databases DO NOT count as internet only sources because they can be found elsewhere on paper.
3 of the 12 can be non-academic journalistic sources.
– Newspaper articles
-Magazine articles
-Internet non-academic based materials
**The goal of the legislative proposal is to write about a particular area of law or policy in the state of Virginia that you think needs to be changed/adjusted/created, etc. The proposal is your opportunity to consider all areas of the law, including (but not limited to) the actual policy itself and the likelihood of its success in becoming law in the state of Virginia.**

DO NOT cut and paste pages and
pages of information from the Virginia Code of Law. Instead, read the current law and paraphrase for the purpose of the paper.

Why is your policy change a good idea? Here, you should back up your proposal ideas with arguments about why it is a good policy change to make. This should be very similar to any argumentative paper you have written. Use information from your academic sources to make the argument why this change is a good idea.

-Consider: Have other states made similar policy changes? If so, it would make a strong argument if they have. Especially if there are statistics or evidence that it has been successful in other states.

-Are there interest groups that agree with your policy recommendation? If so, they may have statistics or other useful information you can utilize to help bolster your argument as well.

How successful do you think your proposal will be if it were to go before the General Assembly in the current 2016 session? If you do not think your proposal would be successful that is okay. Consider the political forces at play within the state. Do you think your proposal would have made it through the legislature and onto the Governor’s desk? Would he have been likely to sign it?

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