• March 28th, 2016

Legal Aspects of International Finance

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Your client, Metropolitan Bank (“Metropolitan”) is negotiating the terms of a loan agreement to be made available to Celocity, a global manufacturer of bicycles. The loan agreement between Metropolitan and Celocity will be governed by English law and its terms will be consistent with those contained in the London Loan Markets Association’s standard form.
Advise Metropolitan on both the purpose and legal effect of the following clauses of the loan agreement:
(a) the market disruption clause;
(b) the cross-default clause; and
(c) the conditions precedent
When citing, please strictly comply with the OSCOLA rules attached. The maximum word limit should be 3500 words including footnotes but excluding bibliographies. Inaccurate reference and word excess would result in the assessment being marked down. Please avoid any kind of plagiarism.

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