• April 18th, 2016

Legal and financial structures for project finance

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Legal and financial structures for project finance and associated costs and barriers in a country of your choice(i recommend Arabic country)

abstract at the beginning

Executive Summary: explaining you’re your aims and objectives, thesis, broad assumptions, results and conclusion.

Detailed Logical and Coherent Analysis: the body of your work should state your arguments, evidence and authority for your position, counter-arguments and consequences of your position.

Conclusions: brief summary of your major points.

Footnotes: detailing the author or editor, date, title of article or book, place of publication, publisher’s name, and page number or website address.

Bibliography: arranged in alphabetical order.

Major Keys:
-Project Goals and Objectives
-Project cost estimates
-Project feasibility and risks
-Sources and types of financing
-political risk
-Liquidity and Returns

If you could put chart or a pie that will be helpful.

Note: English is not my mother tongue so please don’t use hard vocabulary.
keep me updated about which project and country your going to write about.

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