• April 22nd, 2016

Leading a Group

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In your paper, you need to:


  1. Identify the type of group, the goal and include a written agenda that you made in preparation for the group (you may give the group members a copy, but it is not required). Explain why you choose this type of group and the topic. Discuss group membership and screening. Who did you invite and why? Describe the environment and how you prepared the environment for the group. Environment: Physical arrangements (room, space, materials, room set-up, other considerations) and any special arrangements (child care, transportation, access for persons with physical handicaps, etc.). (20 points)


  1. Describe the activity/activities you facilitated during the group. How did you get the group started? How did you promote interaction in the group? How did you end the group? (20 points)


  1. Two part evaluation (Self-evaluation and Group member evaluation). 1)Self-evaluation: How did it go? Was the goal met? Describe your thoughts and feelings before and after leading the group. Analyze your work. What went well in this group? Is there anything you wish would have been different? Summarize what you learned and make recommendations for future practice. How would you change things if you were able to do it over? Reflect on your facilitation skills. What areas of group facilitation do you need to improve on in general? What do you see as your strengths in working with groups? (20 points) 2) Group member evaluation: Submit at least three completed evaluations from group members (see above for specific directions). (10 points for designing your own evaluation form and 10 points for submitting at least three completed evaluations)


  1. Include references you used in preparation for this group. You should include at least three scholarly articles that pertain to your group. You may also use websites and workplace documents.

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