• April 11th, 2016

Leadership interview

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This subject is called ” Leadership” you are require to do the interview questions for me for 10-12 questions long as the interview need to be 30 mins – 1 hour long. Can you please send me the questions by Tuesday? So that I can have sometime to look for the leader as he or she might need me to make an appointment, therefore, I can have the questions ready for the interview. As I already have leader in my mind to interview which is leader from the gym, or Academic leader at my uni. However I will upload the vioce file after the interview for you to write review.

In the interview questions should contain: what, when, where, how. Moreover you can start the question with what is leadership, background of leadership.then, challenge of being a leader.

In this writing, you have to write 2,000 words of analysis the encounter in which you synthesize in the academic leadership theory, and what you have learnt from the leadership. For further assignment brief information, please refer to the module handbook on page 8-9 on the component 2. Also, I will upload all the lecture slides for you to have a look as well.

the interview should include: the perception/definition of leadership, their journey, experience, challenges of being leader, solution and thought, context, and etc…

the Analysis of the writing should relate to: concepts, ideas, theories, key debate, critique of you own process/approach, and some recommendation.

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