• March 14th, 2016


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Leadership, decision-making, specialization and foreign strategic challenges Academic Essay

Explain leadership in a period of global change. Do you believe that leaders specialize their foreign policy objectives? If so Why?

What do you think is the strategic mission and objective of leaders in the international community today considering the future?

Can leaders take a specialized decision, which will allow for more cooperation and alliance building?

Critically explain through an example analysis, a strategic challenge for the international community.


Course Learning Outcome

  1. Think critically about the role of super powers in world affairs.
  2. Develop the skill of critically assessing ideas in the light of events.
  3. Analyze the issues and variables regionally and internationally that formulate foreign policy.
  4. Rite literature concerning major issues in contemporary foreign policy.
  5. Analyze the impact of foreign policy decision-making in terms of their relative success or failure.

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