• October 10th, 2017

Late Adulthood – Describe the changes that are occurring

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Late Adulthood: Final Stages Scenario
Getting old is a difficult time period for many individuals and their family members. Prepare a response in which you make suggestions to create an ideal environment for an individual in late adulthood. Be sure to address the following items:
a. Describe the changes that are occurring for women and men during the developmental stages of late adulthood and death.
b. Explain these changes using the main concepts of the theories relating to late adulthood and death.
c. Explain how you would create an ideal environment to help a family member enjoy their final stages of life. As a part of your explanation, consider the following questions:
1. Would having family members and friends being around be important?
2. Would it be important to leave nothing left unsaid that was important?
3. Would making our final wishes regarding how we wish to be buried be important?
4. Would being kept alive as long as possible be important?
5. Would being kept on pain medication if we are in pain be important?

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